Giving Lecture at Italy's Biggest Horse Fair

Animals' Angels follows an invitation by Popolis, an Italian information platform, to speak about long distance transports of horses in the EU to raise awareness during the biggest horse fair in Italy held in the city of Verona.

Tragically, the creator of Popolis died suddenly the day before the event. Animals´ Angels sends its condolences for the tragic loss of a person who has helped to spread information and some nonprofit projects to help the animals. We also want to thank the Italian journalists Macri Puricelli, Silvia Allegretti and Paola Colaprisco to reorganize the event at the last minute, despite the grief, for the passion for information.

In our lecture, we talk about the reason why still live horses are transported for thousands of kilometers and what those journeys mean for the animals, hoping that at least this business continues to decrease as in the last ten years. Sara Turetta illustrates the hard daily life of horses in Romania where Save the Dogs and other organizations created a sanctuary. Evelina Isola talks about the threat to slaughter the wild horses at Aveto National Park and Horse Angels talks about the insufficient protection of horses going to slaughter in Europe. Ermenegildo Valvassori, veterinarian of the Italian Federation of Food Operators, explains how controls of animal transports are intense in Italy.

Animals' Angels will continue to bear witness on what these long journeys mean for the animals, staying on their side.