Good News From Tanzania: Cattle at Nyamatala Market are no Longer Beaten During Loading

Cattle Market Tanzania

Because instead of batons and sticks, the workers are now using shaker bottles. The key to this change was our visit in April 2018, when we were on site with students from Mabuki College. The cattle were beaten and kicked during loading. In the following months, Mr. Didas and his students visited the market again and again. They criticized the brutal loadings and followed our idea: As an alternative they suggested using shaker bottles – plastic bottles filled with pebbles – driving the cattle via noise.

Today, after one and a half years, as we are back on site again, the loading is quiet and stress-free. No baton in sight. Thanks to the students of Mabuki College, their dedicated teacher Mr. Didas and our training project. Next, Mr. Didas plans to take action against the high loading density on the trucks –  and we will support him.