Greece and Romania: Despite Instructions – Animals are Still Transported During Extreme Temperatures

Chicken Aido Being Transport During Heat in Romania

An Animals' Angels team is back in Greece. We want to see whether the instructions of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture and the Romanian veterinary authority are being implemented or whether animals continue to be transported in extreme temperatures.

Unfortunately, once again we find that there is a blatant difference between ambition and reality. Animals continue to be transported at temperatures of over 50 °C in the sun and around 30 °C at night. And this despite the EU Commission's reminder to avoid heat stress during transport. In spite of all instructions from the Romanian and Greek authorities and in spite of the predicted extreme temperatures. Another proof of the absurdity of a system in which animals are merely a commodity.

Within a week we meet thousands of them. Many of them come from Romania. We find them at borders, in ports, on the motorway, at rest stops. Chicken Aida, lamb Camelia, the bull Mitko – they all obviously suffer from the heat. For some of them we can provide some relief, for example, get some water for chicken Aida and the others. We document all transports as good as possible – individual complaints will follow. But first and foremost we have already contacted the national authorities and the EU Commission. Because these heat transports must be stopped – immediately!