Greece: Severe Animal Suffering in Transports of Sheep From Romania

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Animals' Angels inspects animal transports in Greece. Every day we see hundreds of Romanian lambs on the streets. We would need several teams to document all transports and the extent of this trade.

In order to get an overview, we try to catch at least a glimpse of the animals during each transport - which is often difficult. Apart from a short wait at the Bulgarian-Greek border, the transports practically never stop. We follow them for several hours without even being able to see the lambs from a closer distance. We suspect that the drivers want to get to their destination as quickly as possible because they know how dangerous the high temperatures are for the animals.

In fact, our assumption is confirmed: At a red traffic light where we can see the lambs at least for a few seconds, the driver calls out to us that he cannot stop - otherwise the lambs would die. Although we are aware of this, we are shocked by the honesty of this statement.

So it is no secret that these transports pose a significant risk to the animals. The trading partners and transporters are obviously aware of this. And yet they continue. Business is booming. At least in Romania they do not need to fear that the authorities will intervene. The Romanian Minister of Agriculture recently refused the EU Commission to stop animal exports in the summer months for economic reasons.

That is precisely why we are on the streets with the animals. We have already personally informed the Greek Ministry of Agriculture of our observations and urged it to stop imports. We have also warned the Romanian veterinary authorities not to handle transports at such temperatures. We will also submit our findings to the EU Commission - and hope that something will change for the lambs.