Greece: Sheep Transport With Flat Tire Standing in the Sun at 34 °C

Animal Transport With Flat Tire Standing in the Blazing Sun

For several hours we have been following an animal transport with cattle to Albania. When the drivers take their break in a truck parking lot, we spot a parked van with sheep.

The sheep transporter has a flat tire! It is standing in the blazing sun at over 34 °C. The driver is visibly stressed and nervous. Because standing still at high temperatures exposes the animals on the truck to a high risk because there is no wind. Worried, we look at the sheep and talk to the driver.

They are adult sheep from Greece. They breathe quickly and are obviously overheated. Fortunately, no animals seem to have collapsed yet. But we can only inspect the lowest loading deck. A little later the breakdown service arrives. He mounts the spare tire. But it is not suitable for long and fast journeys, let alone for the heavy load with over 200 sheep.

In the meantime the transport to Albania has continued its journey. But we stay with the sheep to make sure that the transport can continue as quickly as possible. On the emergency lane, at a slow 30km/h, the sheep transport continues soon after. In the next village it parks in the shade to have two new tyres fitted. Since they are now at least in the shade, we leave the sheep with a heavy heart and catch up with our transport to Albania.

Fortunately, the authority responsible for the transporter took care of the incident immediately after our report. The transporter was warned not to carry out any transports in the heat of the day. We very much welcome the committed work of the official veterinarian concerned.

We all know: a flat tyre can happen. And this is exactly another reason for suspending transports of animals during high temperatues.