Heifers From Austria to Uzbekistan: Exhaustion, Hunger, not Enough Space

Animals' Angels is in Uzbekistan. We are waiting for an animal transport with pregnant heifers from Denmark. But these are not the only young cows from Europe we meet here at the border.

We meet another seven animal transports with about 225 animals from Austria. After more than 5,000 km of travel, the animals are visibly exhausted. Some of the heifers are lying down, but there is not enough space for all of them to lie down and rest. Apparently, no one took into account in the planning that these are pregnant cows and they will be on the road for about a week and a half. They need more space on such a long transport. In several places, the wheel wells protrude from the ground, further reducing the lying area.

On one of the transporters we discover the heifer Evelyn. She is lying between the legs of another heifer. She looks at us with lowered head and tired eyes. The strains of the long journey are clearly visible in her face.

In the next compartment, a strong smell of ammonia rises to our noses. There we catch sight of Elsa. She is desperately trying to find a few stalks in the bedding, which is completely soiled with manure and urine, to satisfy her immense hunger. When was the last time she got something to eat? We don't know.

There is still no official information about the supply stations on the route to Uzbekistan - and there are still no EU-certified supply stables outside the EU. Where - if at all - are the animals unloaded and can they be adequately cared for there? Who controls this? Questions that are still unanswered. Nevertheless, the export of animals from the EU to non-EU countries continues. Without regard to what this means for pregnant young cows like Evelyn and Elsa.

We continue to fight for the animals and demand from the EU and its member countries the final stop of these exports!