India: Giving Animal Welfare Lecture at Five-Star Gateway Hotel in Visakhapatnam

Sophie of Animals' Angels Giving a Lecture at Gateway Hotel in Visakhapatnam

Animals' Angels is taking action in India. Today, we accompany our Indian partner organization VSPCA to the Gateway Hotel in Visakhapatnam. In front of 110 employees of the 5-star hotel we present our project 'Respect for cows'. The VSPCA presents its local animal welfare projects.

The hotel shows great interest in getting involved in animal welfare. They have already removed beef from their menu. After our presentation, the hotel manager announces that he will also offer vegan dishes in his restaurant in the future. He is also open for further ideas, like a drinking trough for 'street' dogs and cats as well as a feeding place for birds. In addition, the hotel is now committed to using only live traps to catch rats.

There are 24 Gateway Hotels in India. The manager wants to communicate the animal welfare commitment of his hotel to all hotel branches and is confident that more hotels will join.