India: Inspecting Illegal Animal Transport: Cattle Confiscated

On behalf of Animals‘ Angels, the VSPCA-team stops a totally overloaded cattle transport. The cattle are loaded so densely that movement is barely possible. One of the cows, we call her Kalasita, lies on the ground unable to get up. In case the transport would go on over long distance in this condition, the other cows would trample or fall over Kalasita.

The attending police officers inspect the vehicle and record all violations. The authorities take the case very seriously. When committing an infringement, the Indian transport law requires the vehicle and all animals to be confiscated. While the truck can later be ransomed, the animals remain in state custody, accommodated in a shelter.

The good cooperation with the authorities enables our partner VSPCA to place confiscated cattle in their own shelter guaranteeing their wellbeing. The cattle on the above-mentioned transport are also brought to the VSCPA Kindness Farm.