India: Lucky Calf Shubam Finds a new Home

Together with the VSPCA team, Animals' Angels inspects the animal market in Vermalapulli. Hari from the VSPCA notices a small buffalo calf. It has dull fur, a bloated stomach and an injury over the eye. He is tied to an illegal slaughter transport. When we start our market control together with the authorities, the transport disappears, and the calf is left behind.

As a male buffalo calf, he is of little economic value. During all our time on the market, the 'owners' do not return. Finally, Hari proposes to take the calf with us. We clarify this with the authorities on-site and leave a contact number in case the 'owners' should want to contact us.

We take the calf to Srinu, a long-time employee of the VSPCA, who lives in a small village. Srinu has two more buffaloes roaming freely across idyllic meadows and through the village. Srinu promises to take care of the calf for life and to send regular updates and photos. Hari will visit him again.

We call the calf Shubam: The lucky one.