India: Meeting the new Director of the Animal Husbandry Department

VSPCA Meeting the new Director of the Animal Husbandry Deparment in India

The Animal Husbandry Department plays an important role in improving animal welfare at India's animal markets. The Department's veterinarians are responsible for animal welfare controls and are empowered to impose penalties for non-compliance. This year, the long-time director of the  Department in Vishakhapatnam retired.

The VSPCA team is on-site today to say goodbye to the outgoing director and meet his successor. In an initial interview, our team makes its demands on the new director: improving animal welfare in markets and enforcing the law. It is particularly important to us that the market committees on the animal markets are strengthened and that their role as guardians of animal welfare is finally put into practice. The Director promises his support.

The coming months will show how much of this promise actually reaches the animals.