Inspecting Animal Transports in Eastern Europe

Two teams of Animals´ Angels monitor the export of live animals in the EU and to third countries. The two teams monitor around a hundred of trucks. In most of them the animals travel packed, many in filthy conditions. Some animals are particularly exhausted due to the long and forced confinement without or with limited food and water. On some days, temperatures are very cold with snow and cold wind, also dropping under zero degrees.

Pregnant heifers, bulls and pregnant sheep travel for distances of 2.000 to 3.000 km for even more than 5 days. Even the elementary requirements of the European Regulation 1/2005 are being neglected. The team in Turkey comes across newborn lambs on trucks with pregnant sheep passing the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

Other animals at the Turkish border have to wait for days confined in trucks due to irregular accompanying documents, caused by the negligence of the traders.

Animals´ Angels is now processing all information and findings. Soon we will report them to the national authorities entitled to enforce the laws on animal transport and to the European institutions.