Italy: 19 Polish horses transported for slaughter at temperatures above 35 °C

Two exhausted-looking horses tied to the bars with rope stand in cramped stalls on an animal transporter

On the highway southeast of Bologna, Animals' Angels picks up the escort of a truck transporting 19 Polish horses to slaughter in southern Italy. Outside temperatures exceed 35 °C.

Long-distance transports are prohibited by law when temperatures exceed 35 °C. The drivers stop at an emergency stop bay. They have instructions from their boss not to give us any information and to prevent us from taking photos of the animals. However, we can check on the animals. Some are nervous and bang their front legs against the truck wall. Many are visibly exhausted, hanging their heads.

The horses are in individual stalls that are only inches wider than the horses. Consequently, the animals have no room to lie down. Even if they should fall, they have no way to get up again. By law, horses between 6 and 24 months of age on long-distance transports must have enough room to lie down. We suspect that some of the horses are that age.

Animals' Angels will file a complaint with the Polish authorities. Long distance transports must not be dispatched in such high temperatures and there must be enough space for the animals.