Italy: Lambs without water on long journey

Thirsty lambs try to use nipple drinkers unsuitable for them on an animal transporter in Italy.

This afternoon it was very hot in Italy and near Palmanova, fortunately, we did not see trucks with animals passing by.

But just after the sun goes down and the temperature drops, we see a transport with lambs. It stops for the obligatory one-hour break to water the animals. As always, the watering troughs are not suitable for the lambs, as they are meant for pigs. Some lambs try to use the waterers. However, when they do so, the water runs onto the ground rather than being absorbed.

These animals have been on the move since early morning, for more than 12 hours, with at least seven hours still ahead of them. They have been transported during the day in the heat through Hungary and Slovenia. They can't drink, they have no place to rest, they are all standing and some have mucus on their noses. Something has irritated them. Most likely it is the insufficient ventilation inside the truck, because the lambs are crammed on four floors. Their heads bump against the ceiling. Air circulation is severely restricted. We have already reported this transport company several times, but it continues to violate the regulations.

We will ask the relevant authorities to take more effective measures to ensure that this does not happen again.