Italy: Lambs from Hungary - Cramped Conditions, Low Ceilings, Wrong Water Troughs

Lambs on Transport from Hungary to Italy

In the early morning hours, a team of Animals' Angels follows an animal transport with lambs from Hungary through Italy. After 1.5 hours, the truck stops for a break and our team can check on the animals.

Gergo, Izsak, Laborc and the many other lambs are standing close together on four levels. Many of their heads are already touching the ceiling. In the confinement, they can hardly move. As soon as animals lie down, the others trample over them. The air inside is stagnant because it can hardly circulate. What's more, the animals can't drink during the whole transport - the drinkers on the sides are for pigs. The lambs have never seen such drinkers.

The journey from Hungary to southern Italy is long and takes more than a day. That is how long the lambs have to endure in the poor conditions in this truck. We make further investigations in this case and complain to the authorities who approved this transport.