Italy: Slaughter 'horses' from Poland - Revised Space Indications Hopefully Bring Progress

Horses from Poland on Transport to Slaughterhouse in Italy

In Italy we follow an animal transport with 'slaughter' horses. The animals are still young, less than a year old. Janek, Michal, Stefan, Tolek and the others come from Poland. The transport takes them to a slaughterhouse in southern Italy. Here the demand for their meat is high.

The horses are curious and play with our fingers as we take a closer look at the truck from the outside. Their looks are lively. They stand in individual stalls, the bedding is good. The drivers tell us that the animals have been unloaded and rested for 24 hours beforehand. Nevertheless, the horses touch the partition walls with their flanks. This means - also according to current scientific research in the space issue - that this truck transports too many animals. For years we have been pointing out to the authorities that EU laws need to be revised at this point. The ongoing revision of the laws for the protection of animals during transport will hopefully bring rapid progress here for the 'slaughter' horses on these routes.