July 2015 | Cattle Market Jogumpeta

The temperature is above 40°C. Our joint team VSPCA/Animals’ Angels inspects the cattle market in Jogumpeta. The state ministry plans to turn this market into a model for the whole state and has asked for our team’s assistance. The problems at the markets are numerous. Our team witnesses how a downer bull is dragged onto a truck. The exhausted animal, we name him Swadro, is too weak to stand on his feet. Our team interferes. Not far from the loading ramps, cattle are being slaughtered. The fresh meat is offered for sale. The conditions at the market make clear how many things have to change. Our team is currently preparing an action plan for urgently needed improvements and has filed a complaint at the ministry.

Even though there is a lot of work to do in Jogumpeta, we are welcoming the commitment of the state government, to finally address the animal welfare problems at animal markets.