Colombia: Renovations and new Animal Welfare Banners at Chiquinquirá Animal Market

One of the biggest problems at the Chiquinquirá animal market remains the poor infrastructure. Today is our third inspection visit this year. We have been able to establish a very good and constructive working relationship with the market management. Already at our first meeting they reacted very openly to our criticisms and demands. Today we see that the reconstruction work on the pens for the pigs is already very advanced. In addition, material has been delivered with which the market management wants to refill the floor. This is to contain the mud and wet ground on the market grounds. A nice side effect of the piles of earth and sand is that some animals are turning it into a playground and resting place and visibly enjoying it. The implementation of one of our main demands is still pending: we want all animals at the market to have access to water.

Today we are installing our weatherproof animal welfare banners in prominent places on the market grounds. We hope that they will remain here for a long time and help to raise interest in the issue of animal welfare among market users and keep reminding them of the needs of the animals at the market. In the new year, we will be back on site to ensure that the market management continues to implement its improvement plans.