Colombia: We Install Big Animal Welfare Banner at Zipaquirá Market

Animal Welfare Banner at Zipaquirá Market, Colombia

We are with the animals at the markets in Colombia and hang up our large, weatherproof animal welfare banners at Zipaquirá market. The main banner measures over 4 m² and shows the fundamentals for a respectful treatment of 'farm' animals. The second banner is a comic strip that focuses on empathy and compassion for animals. A Colombian cartoonist made it for us.

With the banners, our message for 'farm' animals is always present in the market. We hope that this will be a first step in generating interest in animal welfare among farmers, traders and market workers.

Also today we approach the market supervisor and complain about the lack of water supply for the animals. While we are at the market, the power goes out for a few hours. During this time, the market comes to a standstill because, for example, the scales for the animals are operated with electricity. We have also discussed this with the relevant authorities, as the long waiting times have an impact on the well-being of the animals.

Finally, we will send a report with our observations and demands to the market management and the authorities - and will soon be back on site with the animals.