Morocco: Packing Food, Water and Love – Taking Care for the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

Animals' Angels Taking Care of the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

Ayoub and Boubaker – our team in Morocco – are back at Mers El Kher market to be there with the animals and help them.

In the poultry area, our team provides as many animals as possible with water and food. In general, the poultry area is still not as crowded as usual. Ayoub and Boubaker notice that some sellers bring water and food for their animals while others, unfortunately, do not.

After the birds, Ayoub and Boubaker take care of the horses and donkeys scattered around the market area. Fortunately, this week there are even fewer animals there than in the past weeks. So our team has more time for the individual animals. In their luggage, as always, they have water, food and love. In the 'parking lot', where the donkeys are usually tied up, our team meets the horse Saber today. They already know Saber since shortly after the lockdown. His owner seems to take good care of him, which makes Ayoub and Boubaker very happy. He tells our team with concern that Saber suffers from tail chafing. So far we do not know why he is doing this, but we will look for a solution.

Besides Saber, our team finds the donkey Farid. Ayoub has already treated him a while ago. All in all he looks relatively good, but unfortunately he has an open wound on his belly again - probably due to the pressure of the saddle. Our team cleans and treats the injury and talks to the owner. He wants to give Farid a break until the wound has healed.

Luckily, the donkeys look better overall. During the peak of the lockdown they had lost a lot of weight and our team was very worried about them. In the meantime they have gained back some kilos. Boubaker and Ayoub are also positively surprised when they see today that the donkeys have already been fed hay. Unfortunately this was often not the case and is perhaps a small step in the right direction. We will of course keep an eye on this during our next missions.