May 2014 | Major Changes Achieved in Indian Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse Gajuwaka, India
Slaughterhouse Gajuwaka, India
Slaughterhouse Gajuwaka, India

Our CRPI-Team achieved some big changes in a slaughterhouse in Gajuwaka. In December 2013 our team inspected the slaughterhouse together with local police forces and handed in an official complaint. The conditions have been appalling (see our report from December 2013)

Under the pressure from our partner organization VSPCA and local authorities, the slaughterhouse has been forced to take measures to follow the standards of the humane slaughter rules under the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Since December 2013

  • more rooms and higher walls have been constructed. Thus animals are not slaughtered in front of each other anymore.
  • only older, infirmed animals with a vet certificate are slaughtered. No more slaughter of cows, calves and goats.
  • there is feed and water in the holding pens.

These improvements are lightening the suffering of the animals. However, there is still a lot to do. The next step will be to introduce stunning of the animals. Animals’ Angels and the VSPCA will keep working closely with the local authorities on this matter and put pressure on the slaughterhouse to introduce further much needed changes.