Meeting With Vet Office in Spain: Understaffed Offices – Insufficient Animal Transport Inspections

A completely overloaded animal transport with young horses from Spain to Italy was accompanied by Animals' Angels in October and inspected by the Italian authorities. Today we are at the Veterinary Office in Spain, which had cleared the transport.

During the conversation it quickly becomes apparent: the biggest problem is that the official veterinarians do not see the transports. Unfortunately, the law does not require on-site inspections to be carried out when animals are loaded on long-distance transports. Since the veterinary offices in the region are understaffed, they have no capacity for voluntary inspections.

But the veterinarians agree with us that many infringements can be avoided through efficient on-site inspections and, above all, that animal suffering during long journeys can be reduced. They therefore want to advocate to their ministry that official veterinarians be deployed for on-site inspections of long-distance animal transports.

Anda and Animals' Angels will support this demand.