'Milk' cows in Spain: Follow-up Inspection of Several Stables

Kühe stehen im Schlamm in einem Milchbetrieb in Spanien

Animals' Angels is in Spain for a follow-up inspection of several 'dairy' cow holdings that we last visited in July 2018. At that time we were shocked by the conditions under which the animals were kept: The cows Antonia, Ana and Josefa stood in a completely filthy pen, while Teresa lived a miserable existence in an old, dark tie-stall. Now we want to know whether anything has improved for the animals following our complaint to the competent veterinary office.

Directly on the first day we return to the stable of Antonia, Ana and Josefa and meet the farmer's wife. When we introduce ourselves, she is beside herself with rage. She screams that she has many problems with the authorities because of us and that we made her life unnecessarily difficult. After all, her stable would always have been clean. A normal conversation is not possible and she expels us from the premises. Although the meeting was not pleasant, we now know that the authorities have taken action here.

In another stable, hygiene has visibly improved – the floors are cleaner. In another barn the animals now lie on straw instead of on the cold concrete floor.

Nevertheless, unfortunately we also find farms where the conditions for the animals continue to be catastrophic. In almost all these stables there is no bedding and many cows are dirty, like cow Esperanza. She stands in a muddy outside stable. She is dirty, emaciated and you can clearly see the consequences of her life as a 'milk' cow. There is no compassion or sense of responsibility for the animals here. It is more than a sad sight! Even though she has served the farmer for so many years, for him she is and remains a 'milk' cow. But for us she is a living being that feels suffering, joy and pain just like we do.