Morocco: Finally Back at Supporting the Animals at the Markets

The Team of Animals' Angels Supporting the Animals at the Market

After a long time, our Moroccan market team can finally visit the animals at the markets again. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the very strict rules incl. a long lockdown period, the two markets Shkerat and Mers El Kher were closed for more than four months.

At the Saturday market in Mers El Kher, Ayoub and Boubaker first check the sales area of the birds. It is almost empty there - only a few sellers are present. Especially in the summer heat the animals are very thirsty, just like the goose Kafir. He is very happy about Ayoub's water and drinks a lot. What makes us happy today: most of the owners have provided shade for the birds. This is still not a matter of course here. Unfortunately, the same is true for the housing of the chickens, ducks, geese and other birds: usually they are offered on the market with tethered legs and/or wings. It is always depressing for our team to see that the sellers are simply not willing to change their minds and at least bring enclosures or cages for their animals so that they are not sold tied up and lying on the ground. But Ayoub and Boubaker are not giving up and will continue to talk to the people and organise water and food for the birds, so that they get some relief during the market.

As they walk around the market, Ayoub and Boubaker help the donkeys and horses, some of them are tied to their carts - without any shade. Our team provides first aid when necessary and gives the thirsty animals something to drink.

Finally, Ayoub and Boubaker visit our old friends like the donkey Nabih who live near the parking area. They are tied to a wall and also have to spend their time there during off-market days. It’s a poor life as they cannot properly move and most time do not have any shade. Today, after a long time, our team meets them again and is very worried: Nabih and the other donkeys have lost weight, look tired and exhausted and they are extremely thirsty. After taking care for them and giving lots of love and affection to Nabih and the others, Ayoub and Boubaker try to find the owners. They want to find out how the owners and the animals managed to survive the lockdown. But unfortunately, without success. Next week, Ayoub and Boubaker will try again to confront the owners with the poor state of their animals.

At the parking, they meet a new face today as well: the horse Mansur. He looks in a good shape and well cared for. Also, he is provided with water and food. The owner explains our team that he cares for Mansur just as for a family member. He is happy about our work and is convinced that animals also deserve our help - at least a positive encounter today for Ayoub and Boubaker, which gives them hope!