Morocco: First aid for the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

The Moroccan Animals' Angels team visits the animal market in Mers El Kher and helps the donkeys. As always, they have brought water for the animals and free them from their harnesses and loads.

Right at the beginning of their tour, Boubaker and Habib find the donkey Damir, tied up at his front legs, despite an open wound. Our team immediately releases the painful shackles and provides first aid. When the owner arrives, they confront him. Of course, he tries to talk his way out of it. Fortunately, our team gets support from Aziz, an older man who was watching the scene. Aziz confronts the owner with his irresponsibility towards his donkey and thanks our team from the bottom of his heart for their commitment to the animals. This encounter strengthens Habib and Boubaker – because despite the apparent hopelessness and almost endless work, there are always people who understand why we are there with the animals, and who support us.

Our team also again meets the donkey mare Sabada. In September, we had treated her injury from a dog attack. Today the wound has healed completely, and our team and its owner are very happy that Sabada is in good condition.