Morocco: First Aid, Water and Carrots for the Donkeys and Horses at Skherat Market

Skherat Market

This morning, the Moroccan Animals' Angels team is at Skherat Animal Market to help the animals. Habib and Boubaker unsaddle the donkeys and horses and check them for wounds. Fortunately, they don't find animals with larger injuries, but 'only' a horse with a small, open spot on its mouth – caused by an unfitting bit and mishandling. They treat the small wound and speak insistently to the owner.

In their further walk around the market, they take a lot of time for the donkeys and horses. They clean them, spoil them with caresses and carrots. And of course, Habib and Boubaker give them something to drink. They have to get the water at the slaughterhouse of the market - not an easy way, but so far it is the only possibility as the entire market area lacks infrastructure.