Morocco: Habib and Boubaker Taking Action for the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

Animals' Angels visits the animal market in Mers El Kheir, Morocco. Our team on site - Habib and Boubaker - meet some thirsty donkeys during their tour around the market and give them some water they brought with them. They also saddle off as many of the 'working animals' as possible and examine them for saddle pressure points or other injuries. Fortunately, they don't find any injuries today.

Late in the afternoon, our Moroccan team is at the market's area were chickens, ducks and other birds are sold. There aren't many birds there anymore, but Habib and Boubaker see two chickens in a much too small cage. Just as they are about to talk to the owner, two boys arrive and ask if the man can free the two chickens. And indeed, he does! Our team is very happy about this encounter because they are often the only ones who really see the animals and stand up for them.