Morocco: Help for the Mules and Donkeys at Mers El Kheir Market

Our Moroccan Animals‘ Angels team arrives at Mers El Kheir Animal Market at 2:00 pm. During their first spin around the market they meet two mules to whom they give feed and water. Their owner reacts angrily at first. But when he recognizes that our team is helping him and is cleaning and caring for his animals, his attitude changes and he becomes grateful.

Another man comes running to Ali, Habib and Boubaker asking them to help his mule who is emaciated and in bad shape. The man tells our team that his mule’s eyes are constantly watering. Our team gives the mule feed and water and cleans his inflamed eyes. They afterwards try to convince the owner to continue the treatment until the inflammation is fully healed and try to sensitize him to better treat his animals. On the positive side, when our team started to care for his animals, he likewise followed their good example.

On their way to the ‘parking lot’ for the donkeys, Ali, Habib and Boubaker meet another donkey with inflamed eye who they also treat. Arriving at the ‘parking lot’, like on their last visits, they are welcomed with neighing and braying. Ali, Habib and Boubaker are very pleased that, by now, they were able to build up such a friendly and trustful relationship to the animals.