Morocco: Helping the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

Habib and Boubaker – our Moroccan Animals‘ Angels team – visit Mers El Kheir animal market. Right at the beginning, they find a donkey whom they have already helped several times before. They also know his owner quite well from past bad experiences. And today again, our team makes a sad discovery: the donkey has some severe injuries at his front legs which are badly swollen. His owner has tied up the purulent wounds with some old cloths.

Habib and Boubaker remove the smelly cloths and clean and disinfect the wounds. The little donkey patiently endures the procedure. Our team again talks to his owner and insistently explains to her how she must treat his wounds and that she must not tie together his legs. This time, she seems more understanding. Maybe also because other market visitors join the scene to thank our team for their work.

In the afternoon, they meet another familiar visitor and his gray horse. To end on a positive note: since Habib and Boubaker explained to him how important it is to unharness his horse and give him some rest, he abides to it when visiting the market.

At the end, our team waters all thirsty animals.