Morocco: Helping the Animals at Skherat Market

Our Animals’ Angels team in Morocco sets to help the animals at Skherat market. The day is rainy and there are less people than usual. But nonetheless, our team has a lot to do. A group of sheep lies in the mud with their legs tied. Habib and Boubaker ask their owners to free them and, in fact, the men do follow their request.

Amongst the donkeys, our team spots Ibra. His bit is just a broken metal ring which caused a wound at his lower jaw. Habib and Boubaker treat his wounds and replace the pain causing ring with a soft halter. Tirelessly, they talk to all the owners and inform them about proper care and handling while freeing the animals from their loads and goods and checking them for wounds.  

A woman calls our team for help. She has spotted a donkey of whom she cannot tell whether he is still alive. Habib and Boubaker hurry to help and find the donkey being in very bad condition. He could not stand anymore and broke down from exhaustion while still being hitched up to his cart. Habib and Boubaker ask around for help and together they can free him. They organize some fruits to help him regain his strength. In vain, Habib and Boubaker wait for his owner, he does not show up. Naturally, after all their persistent and troublesome work, our team is disappointed that things like this still happen.

But there is also a silver lining: Wassim, a young boy at the market, shows great interest in our team’s work. He is very kind towards the animals and very proud to get to help them.