Morocco: Helping the Animals at Skherat Market – No Injured Horses or Donkeys Today

Animals' Angels at Skherat Animal Market

The Animals' Angels team is with the animals at the Moroccan market in Skherat. Today there is less going on, but it is very warm with more than 38 degrees. Ayoub and Boubaker start their tour with the donkeys and horses. Since there are only a few visitors today, the team takes the opportunity to talk to the owners individually. They explain to them how important it is to provide shade and water for their animals - especially in summer. "Here at the market, unfortunately, there is no infrastructure for this," says one of the owners.

Several donkeys are already unsaddled in the 'parking lot'. Unfortunately, not all donkeys have the same luck, as they are still tethered to their heavy carts. The team immediately sets about unsaddling them and providing them with fresh water and some feed. And of course - as always - with lots of affection and petting.

Ayoub and Boubaker leave the market a little tired, but satisfied. "We didn't find any injured donkeys or horses. This gives us hope and motivation to be here and continue our work," Boubaker says. And now they plan to visit the market again next week to continue the controls and educate people.