Morocco: Our Team Workds Towards a Better Future for Yadida and all the Other Animals

Animals' Angels helps the animals in Morocco: together with our Moroccan team we visit the markets in Houderrane and Mers El Kher. This time we are accompanied by 25-year-old Ayoub, who actively supports us. That makes us very happy and at the same time is a great help and motivation for our local team.

Our team around Ali, Habib and Ayoub takes care of the sheep and goats on both markets. They usually lie on the floor with their legs tied up. Our team tirelessly tries to convince the owners to use collars instead of these shackles. Not an easy task - because many stick to the traditional methods and do not want to understand. But some finally free their animals. Now the sheep and goats can at least move a little.

In Mers El Kher Ali, Habib and Ayoub observe the loading of the three young 'milk' cows Yule, Anastasia and Sarah. They were all born in Morocco, but have European mothers. They are being driven onto a transporter without a ramp. The workers brutally use sticks and even electric drivers. Our team confronts the owner, but he doesn't care about the animals – the workers should do their work and our team should not interfere, he says. Unfortunately such loadings are still common practice on Moroccan markets and without animal protection law not even forbidden in theory.

With the donkeys and horses it is a little quieter and our team has time for tender loving care for the overworked and exhausted animals. Our team gives them to drink, hay and carrots. At the market in Houderrane Ali, Habib and Ayoub meet the donkey Halima again. We already met her in May and treated her open saddle mark on her back. Unfortunately she still has it. Our team cleans and disinfects the wound and again urgently talks to her owner that he finally has to give her a break from the hard work. Halima drags litres of water barrels every day. Today the son of the owner is also there, who seems to be more understanding. He promises to take care of Halima.

At the market in Mers El Kher, where our team is more frequent, they fortunately don't find any injured donkeys or horses this Saturday, but they make acquaintance with the little donkey girl Yadida, who is just four weeks old. We will continue our efforts to ensure that animal welfare is finally taken seriously in Morocco. And for a better future for Yadida and all the other animals.