Morocco: Positive Developments for the Animals at Skehrat Market

Animals' Angels Helping the Animals at Skherat Animal Market, Morocco

Animals' Angels visits the market in Skherat to help the animals. Our Moroccan team, Ali, Habib and Boubaker, arrives early in the morning and prepares the material for the birds. They try to distribute the cages to some sellers, so that the chickens have at least some freedom of movement and don't have to lie on the ground with their legs tied as usual. Some owners are open to the idea, others unfortunately refuse any help. During their round, our team discovers six ducks locked in a completely closed plastic bag. They immediately speak to the seller about this cruel method and can convince him to free the ducks from the bag.

They see the first positive developments in the sheep and goat sales area: Many owners have their animals on handmade collars on a leash and only very few sheep have to lie on the ground with their legs tied together. That was different recently! Our team encourages the sellers to continue using the collars. An owner who received a collar from us during our last visit tells us that he is still using it and that it is very useful – unfortunately he didn't bring it with him this market day, but promises it for next week. Whether he actually does it is another matter.

With the donkeys, the persistent work of our team is having also an effect: most of the owners unhitch their animals off the carts by themselves as soon as they reach the market area. So at least the donkeys get some rest from their exhausting work. When Ali, Habib and Boubaker arrive at the donkeys' area, they are greeted by Houssam, a neighbour boy, with the words: "What can I do? I am very motivated and want to help you all the time. Besides, we've already distributed water and some food to the donkeys." After our team unsaddles the few donkeys that are still saddled, they examine them for wounds. Fortunately, they don't find any big injuries today – so they have more time for watering and petting, which the animals visibly enjoy.