Morocco: Success at Skherat Market – Most of the Owners Unsaddle Their Donkeys and Horses

Animals' Angels Taking Care of the Animals at Skherat Market

In Morocco, we are back in action for the animals at the market in Skherat. Today our team there wants to check on the horses Naji and Majid, which they treated during one of the last visits to the market. Unfortunately, both of them are not present today. Hopefully they will be there again on the next market day.

Our team is happy to see that most visitors have unsaddled their horses and donkeys from the heavy carts after arriving at the market. However, some of them continue to leave their animals with the heavy saddles on the carts throughout the day. Ayoub and Boubaker know the owners of these animals and constantly approach them about it – like the owner of Noelia the donkey. "For years we've tried to talk And when we do it while he is working at the market, he is very angry with us. After all, we're just trying to help, but it's very difficult," Boubaker says with an exasperated tone. But our team firmly believes that Noelia's owner will realize it one day. It's just a matter of time and patience.

Before leaving the market, Ayoub and Boubaker provide all the animals, around 40 donkeys and horses, with food and fresh water. Next week they will be back at the market with the animals and try again with the owner of Noelia – as well as check on the horses Naji and Majid.