Morocco: Supporting the Animals at Houderrane Market

Animals' Angels inspects the animal market in Houderrane, Morocco, which is located about two hours from the capital Rabat in the inland. The market is very rural and the people are more open and friendly than in the city.

Ali and Habib, our local team today, are with the animals until the market closes. Unfortunately, they find again sheep and goats which are tied together at their necks in groups of 10-15 animals and thus cannot move. They talk to the owners and at least meet some people who show some compassion. Our team frees the donkeys and horses their loads. In Houderrane, the people use mostly heavy saddles to transport loads, while at the markets near the city, they use mainly carts. Ali and Habib examine the donkeys and horses for wounds and help where they can. Then they give the exhausted animals to drink and eat – the donkeys are particularly happy about the fresh carrots!

Our team is positively surprised that the people on the market remember us. After all, our last visit was in September 2018. They trust us and ask for advice and help for their donkeys, as for example, in the case of the donkey Samir. He has a wound and his owner has left him at home. After the market, Ali and Habib drive to Samir to treat him. Like so many people, Samir's owner is very poor. Therefore, our team leaves some first aid material there and explains to the owner how he has to clean the wound and take care of Samir daily. We hope that the owner will keep to this and that Samir will get some rest from the hard daily work!