Morocco: Supporting the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

Finally, the parcel from Germany (filled mainly with donated halters, lead ropes and brushes) has reached our team in Morocco. A big thank you to all donators!

Newly equipped, Ali, Habib and Boubaker are once more at Mers El Kheir animal market. At first they provide the donkeys with water and quickly they find new owners for the donated materials. Especially the halters are very useful as many of the animals have none but old, broken or patched-up snaffles being made out of hard material which can easily cut into their skin.

After all donkeys and mules have been watered, our team starts to brush and clean them, including hoof care. This seems to feel unfamiliar for most of the animals as their hooves might have never been scraped out before – at least that is assumed from their condition.

On the one hand, our team naturally aims at bringing some relief to the animals, and on the other hand, they simultaneously want to act as a practical and good example to show people how to properly handle their animals.