Morocco: Taking Action at Skherat Animal Market

Our Morrocean team visits the animals at Skherat market. During their first round over the market, they check the sales areas for sheep, goats and cattle. Only very few sheep are tied together at their necks with ropes, but ‚only’ at their legs. At least they can breathe, but nonetheless this way of tethering is anything but acceptable.

Our team talks to the owners, especially when they spot 40 to 50 sheep being loaded into an absolutely unsuitable, closed transport vehicle. As most vehicles at the market, the two-tier transporter has no ramp. Thus, the animals are lifted and dragged into it, causing them severe stress. Habib and Boubaker cannot do any more than stay with them and give water to the thirsty animals.

Later in the day, they walk to the ‚parking lot’ for the donkeys and horses. Luckily, they find nearly no animals with wounds. Only one donkey has a small injury at his hoof which they clean and disinfect.

It is nice to see that more and more market visitors unhitch their donkeys and horses from their heavy carts, and thus making their stay a bit easier – thanks to our team’s tireless education work.

Today again, our team is supported by young boy Hussam. We are very happy that he shows such big interest in the animals and wants to help them just like Ali and Habib. They give water to the thirsty donkeys and horses and take away the owners some inadequate sticks which they would otherwise had been used for driving their animals.