Morocco: Visiting Skherat Market

Our Moroccan team visits Skherat animal market. Right at the very beginning, they spot a cart with two donkeys being attached. One of them is lying on the ground although he is still wearing his old, non-fitting harness. Habib and Boubaker rush to him. The owner’s son also appears and acts very unfriendly, telling them that they must not take any pictures and that it is not uncommon for the donkey to lie on the ground while still being attached to the card.

But our team does not give up. They help the donkey back on his feet and wait for his owner to talk to him.

Besides, our team treats the other animals’ wounds, water them and unsaddle the donkeys as, unfortunately, still not all owners do this by themselves.  

After quite some time, our team again meets Houssam, a young boy who helped them in the past and gladly helps them today.