Morocco: Water, Food and First Aid for the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

Birds at Mers El Kheir Market, Morocco

Ayoub and Boubaker - our team in Morocco - are back in action for the animals at the animal market in Mers El Kheir.

Our team starts its tour with the birds. Fortunately, most of the sellers make sure that their animals get enough shade. This is definitely an improvement to the weeks before. But our team quickly realizes that many of the birds are hungry and need water. Ayoub and Boubaker patiently talk to the vendors about this and get water for the animals.
Afterwards, our team looks for the donkeys and horses that are scattered all over the market to water them and provide first aid if needed. Some donkeys have already been unsaddled by their owners and are resting, but others are still tied to their heavy carts. Ayoub and Boubaker immediately unsaddle them, provide them with water and food as well as sufficient cuddles.

Ayoub and Boubaker's last stop for today is the 'parking lot' where they meet the donkeys Nabih, Farid and the horse Sami. They are all looking good. But there is one problem that worries our team: They have no shade at all in the parking lot. So they plan to talk to the owners and the people in charge of the market to build a shady shelter.