Morocco: Water, Food and First Aid for the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

Animals' Angels Taking Action for the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

The Animals’ Angels team in Morocco – Ayoub and Boubaker – is at the Mers El Kher market to be there with the animals and sensitize the people at the market.

As usual, the team starts their visit at the poultry area. While Ayoub provides the birds with water and food, Boubaker talks patiently to the sellers to be more attentive to their animals. However, once again our team notices that some sellers still bring food and provide shade for their animals.

In the middle of the market, Ayoub and Boubaker meet again Sami next to his cart and already unsaddled by his owner at the same spot as always. Sami is a horse that our team has been taking care of for more than three years. Sami must work only with one eye: he lost his right eye due to an accident, according to his owner. Sami’s owner uses him to transport boxes of fruits and vegetables every Saturday to the market in the early morning hours. There Sami has to wait the whole market day and unfortunately without any shade which becomes a problem in summer. At least, now his owner is always providing him with food and unsaddling him once they arrive at the market so that Sami can rest.

Ayoub and Boubaker plan to visit again the market next week to help the animals and to raise awareness for animal protection among the users of the market.