Poland: Horse Owner Found Guilty of Animal Abuse After Report by Viva!

Horses in a Stable in Poland

The district court in Szubin pronounced verdict in the case of three neglected horses and a dog rescued by Viva! Interwencje in March 2017. The owner, a horse trainer, was found guilty of animal abuse and was sentenced to 10 months of unpaid labor for social sake, an injunctive of 1000 Zloty to a local NGO, and a ban on possession of horses for the next five years.

The intervention took place in March 2017 with the animals being confiscated due to their extremely bad maintenance conditions, advanced stage of various diseases and lack of any veterinary care. The shape of one of the horses was too severe for any help. Her pulmonary disease was so neglected that after several months of barely successful treatment, the vets had to give up trying.