Poland: Inspecting Pajeczno Horse Market

On behalf of Animals’ Angels, a team of Viva! Interwencje inspects a horse market in Pajeczno, held twice a year. There are approximately 250 horses there, tethered to rails, with no roof. No watering of the horses is seen. The team observes several situations of violent handling, beating and pulling their tails during loading.

One of the horses cuts his legs with at a sharp edge of a truck's ramp, but all that the handlers do is wipe the blood with dirty straw and carry on. The team informs the official veterinarian of this violation, but before he can intervene, the truck drives away from the market premise.

The official veterinarians at that market try to do their best, as we've witnessed through the years. But they claim, they cannot achieve more, as they have no real power to enforce the law and receive no support from law enforcement.

The team will take legal steps against the handlers of the injured horse.