Poland: Inspection of Skaryszew Horse Market Shows Same Problems as in Previous Years

Horse Tied to Transport Vehicles at Skaryszew Horse Market

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, investigates the annual horse market in Skaryszew. The problems observed there are exactly the same as in the previous years.

The horses are crowded and crammed at the market premise that is by far too small for the amount of horses accepted by the operator. The horses are stressed and sweating, kicking and biting one another. No watering is observed.

The regular practice of running the horses through the crowd takes place also this time. As hours pass, the traders get more and more drunk and the same time more aggressive towards the animals, what results in the police bringing more officers in to fish out and fine those who violate the law. The police interventions however efficient, do not change the attitude of the farmers in long term.

This year, the Viva! team is reinforced with extraordinary help. Aleksandra Przesław, a professional horse ride instructor and actress, starring on national TV show, volounteered to join the team to see for herself how the market really looks. Even having been informed on what she might see, she wasn't even close to expecting the reality of Skaryszew. As a horse professional, she is outraged and shocked on how all the needs of horses are violated there, and simply how dangerous this market is.