Poland: Re-Inspecting a Farm in Kozienice – Many Improvements for the Animals

Cow in Stable at Small Farm in Poland

The Team of  Viva! Interwencje comes back to re-inspect a farm near Kozienice, where a downer cow had been discovered and euthanised at the spot exactly a year ago.

After that intervention, an administrative conduct of the local authorities was initiated by the team, aiming at either the improvement of the horrific maintenance conditions of the remaining animals or their confiscation. Over the year, the conduct was dismissed twice by the competent authorities, but finally after two appeals and a verdict of the administrative court in Radom, the conduct is back on track.

The re-inspection is part of the conduct, and it reveals that the conditions at the farm are visibly better than one year ago. The yard has been cleaned. The cows are kept in small stables instead of the collapsing barn. The owner shows the team a big supply of hay and crops for feeding the animals.

What remains a problem is the lack of proper water access, and maintenance conditions for the hens who lack proper shelter and  daylight.

The team points out their observations and conclusions to the local authorities, and considering the owners' elderly age, the team offers help in purchasing construction materials if needed for the neccesary improvements.

The case will be further monitored.