Police Inspection in Italy – 2000 € Fine for Transporter of 'Slaughter'horses

Animals' Angels accompanies a truck with 21 young horses being transported from Spain to a slaughterhouse in southern Italy. On the way, the horses are unloaded for a rest break, but not for for 24 hours as prescribed, but only for 14 hours. Animals' Angels has the Italian police carry out a check. The responsible official veterinarian is called in. Fines of €2000 are imposed.

The horses are loaded in individual compartments, the width of which corresponds to the legal requirements (60 cm!). Several of the exhausted young horses have laid down, but cannot get up again due to the cramped conditions or only with great difficulty. Three horses are stuck with their legs under the partition walls and cannot get up. There is also the danger that the horses standing in the adjacent boxes will step on their legs.

The carrier decides of his own accord to go to the next possible unloading point, which, however, is two and a half hours away, in order to free the trapped horses. This was not instructed by the controlling veterinarian.