Qatar: Animal Welfare Project at German International School in Doha

For two days, Animals‘ Angels visits the German School in Dota. In the course of our animal welfare school project, we talk to the fifth- and sixth-graders about animals, their emotional life and needs, focusing on so called ‘farm’ animals.

The children quickly realize that the differences between humans and animals in these aspects are not as big as they initially thought. With collaborative presentations, quizzes and questions, we try to playfully introduce them to the keeping of ‘farm’ animals and its consequences for the animals.

It is great to see how open, curious and motivated the children are and how critically they grapple the issues. Especially during our main topic, the life of ‘milk’ cows, they emphasize most and try to find solutions to help the animals.

On day two, in conclusion of our project, the children create different posters expressing their wishes and dreams for ‘farm’ animals.

The school project was a lot of fun and we hope to have been able to give the children in Qatar an understanding of ‘farm’ animals and their fate.

We like to thank the pupils and school administration for two great days! We will willingly come back!