Qatar: Camels of the Royal Guard Permanently Tethered at Souq Waqif

Camels Royal Guard Qatar

Animals Angels has been monitoring the camels of the royal guard at the famous tourist market 'Souq Waqif' in Doha for many years. They are beautiful and well-tended animals, but the conditions in which they are kept are unacceptable. After countless complaints, petitions and discussions over the years, we finally saw the first improvements in March 2022. Finally, a roof was built for the camels so that they can find protection from the burning sun, especially in the summer when temperatures rise to over 50 °C. Fans have also been installed to provide relief in extreme temperatures.

But the animals are still permanently tethered. Their front legs are tied - day after day, night after night. They are exercised for only about two hours a day. It would be easy to build pens for the animals so they could move around and roll around and have a little more free space. Appropriate input from Animals' Angels has been ignored for years. But we will not give up and will continue to advocate for the camels at Souq Waqif.