Qatar: Finally, the Conditions for the Camels at Souq Waqif have Improved

Camels at Souk Waqif in Qatar

A small success for the camels: The Souq Waqif market in Qatar is one of the major tourist attractions in the country. This is also where the camels of the royal guard are kept. For many years, we have complained to the authorities about the unacceptable housing conditions: Even in summer, the camels are exposed to the blazing sun, without shelter, constantly tethered and have no access to water. Today we are back in Qatar after a pandemic-related break and can see first improvements for the camels. Finally, there is shade and ventilation for the animals. On top of that, they have salt licks. But this is only a first step, because the camels are still tied up all the time and this is not tolerable!