Qatar: Follow-up inspection of the mini zoo in Al Wakrah

Broken and dirty pigeon cage in the mini zoo of Al Wakrah, Qatar

We are back in Al Wakrah to inspect the so-called mini zoo. The first time we visited this zoo - which is actually a breeding facility for the zoo animal companies in Qatar, but is open to the public - was in October 2023. On that visit, we found the conditions to be appalling. Entirely filthy cages, pens and drinking troughs, apathetic, neglected and sick animals. We informed the relevant ministry and have filed two complaints against the site.

In the meantime, we have seen some improvements. There are new drinking troughs, information on the different species, improvements in the way the rabbits are kept and a bit more cleanliness in general. However, the conditions are still a long way from being acceptable. In particular, the situation for many hundreds of pigeons confined to tiny, filthy cages is intolerable. 

We will stay on the ball and keep the authorities informed of our new findings.