Qatar: Meeting with Minsitry for Environment

Animals‘ Angels follows an invitation by the Qatari Ministry for Environment and Urban Planning. Initially, we address during the meeting the need for a national animal welfare law as requested by Animals’ Angels and other local animal welfare organizations.

But Qatar further on insists on a common law shared by all GCC countries. For six years, a corresponding draft has been discussed in the Gulf Cooperation Supreme Council and between its member states. However, it is uncertain if and when it will become law.

Hence, Animals’ Angels holds the opinion that the richest country in the world should follow the example of other gulf-states by adopting a national animal welfare law. That this step is necessary is underpinned by our research and observations which we also discuss with the ministry. The ministry is very cooperative and promises to take action in each case. But overall, animal welfare seems to be immaterial, and without animal welfare regulations many of these measurements will come to nothing.

Animals’ Angels will further on be there with the animals in Qatar. We will keep on bringing shortcomings to the state veterinarians’ attention and do educational work with our university and school project.