Romania and Greece: No More Animal Transports During Heat?

Cattle on Transport from Romania to Turkey

With regard to our complaints, the Ministry of Agriculture in Greece and the Central Veterinary Authority in Romania have issued instructions not to authorise the transport of animals when it is hot, i. e. above 30 Celsius degrees. The competent authorities should also intensify their checks before and after transport.

In addition, the Ministry in Greece is calling for sanctions to be imposed on transport companies in the event of violations of EU laws. For example, if too many animals are loaded, if the vehicles are driven during the hottest hours of the day or if the drinking troughs in the vehicles are broken.

In Romania, sufficient space for ventilation should also be left for approved animal transports. In addition, the transports should be carried out at night and the temperature and GPS data should be checked.

Hopefully the instructions will be implemented in both countries. Of course we will check this on site during our upcoming investigation. We will report shortly.